The Terms and Conditions of Holiday Letting as agreed to by both parties are as follows.

  1. The premises are let to you for holiday purposes only for the period stated on the confirmation advice/receipt.
  2. The premises are available from 2pm on the day of arrival and are to be vacated by 10am on the day of departure. Please return keys to lock-box.
  3. All bookings are subject to a booking fee of $35.00 per property, payable at time of paying the deposit. Any booking fee paid to the Agent as part of a booking is not refundable.
  4. 25% of the tariff plus a booking fee is required to confirm booking. The balance is payable two weeks prior to arrival. During High Season Periods a booking fee is payable at the time of booking. All payments are to be made in full before occupancy. The Bond of $250 or part thereof may be used for any additional cleaning, removal of excess rubbish, damage or undue wear and tear.
  5. If the booking is made more than 6 months in advance, we will require a non-refundable holding deposit of $135 at the time of booking, with the balance of the deposit due 3 months prior to arrival and final payment due 2 weeks prior to arrival. 
  6. If the tenant cancels the booking, the deposit is not refundable unless the property is rebooked for the entire period within 2 weeks from cancellation date.
  7. The booking is made in good faith by the agent but may be subject to any change as may be notified by the owner prior to the start of booking. The agent cannot accept responsibility for actions taken by owner outside their control. Every reasonable endeavour will be made to offer alternative premises should this occur.
  8. The number of occupants must not exceed the number stated. All bed, bathroom, table linen and personal items must be provided by the occupants.
  9. Pets are not permitted unless the property specifies that they are. If you are occupying a PET FRIENDLY property you are expected to clean up after your pet using equipment that is provided, this includes dog/cat hair, and droppings in yard. PETS ARE NOT PERMITTED on bedding or furniture. Pets are charged at an extra rate of $25 per animal.
  10. All damage, breakages and losses of property and/or the furniture/furnishings and lock and key replacements are to be reported to the agent and paid for immediately.
  11. No responsibility is taken for occupants personal property left on the premises.
  12. The description of the premises by the agent is made in good faith but no responsibility for mis description can be accepted.
  13. The deposit is accepted on the basis that the rental may be increased or the bookings may be cancelled provided at least three months’ notice of such increase or cancellation is given to the person holding the booking prior to the arrival date. Upon receipt of written notice within 14 days that the increased rent is not acceptable, a full refund of deposit will be made.
  14. Under no circumstances will a tent, camper trailer or caravan be permitted to be erected or used as additional accommodation on these premises.
  15. Rubbish bins are to be put out as required and brought in. Excess rubbish should be taken to the nearest council waste transfer station. Contact office for location.
  16. No person on the premises shall be guilty of conduct that is a nuisance to adjoining and neighbouring occupiers
  17. In the event of the property being offered for sale, the occupier agrees to grant the owner or his agent permission to inspect the property with prospective purchasers by appointment only.
  18. As you are not charged a cleaning fee, you are required to leave the premises as you found it. If there is a BBQ on the premises it is your responsibility to make sure that it is cleaned after use. Should the property be left in an undesirable state after departure and excessive cleaning is required, you will be charged for the additional time it takes to rectify the property to a clean and tidy condition.
  19. Once full payment for your booking has been received, the lock box code will be provided to you via email and text message on the day of your arrival. Our office is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays and we recommend confirmation of code if your arrival falls on one of those days.
  20. Tariffs are subject to change without notice. We cannot be held responsible for bookings without prior inspection if the accommodation is found to be unsatisfactory to you upon arrival. Any deposit is received with the understanding that you have accepted and agree to all the above terms and conditions. Failure to comply with the conditions will result in the immediate termination of your bookings and or/tenancy. In such event no amount is refundable.
  21. NO SMOKING is ever permitted inside our properties. You may smoke outside, however please ensure you are far away enough away to prevent smoke from wafting inside the property. In the unfortunate event that smoking has been identified by our cleaners/ourselves you will be charged a fee from your Bond for additional products and time required that may be necessary to eradicate any odours left behind in the property.